About The Company of Friendly Cooks

The Company of Friendly Cooks is a group of friends in Hobart, Tasmania, who enjoy food and cooking and exploring the cuisines of the world.

Several times each year, the Company gathers to plan, cook and enjoy collaborative meals based on a culinary theme; it might be a cuisine of the world, seasonal ingredients, seasonal festivities or any other excuse.

The weekend prior to a dinner, the Company gathers to pour over recipe books and plan the meal, with each member undertaking to cook a dish or two (a pot-luck dinner, if you will, but without the luck).

On the appointed date, the Company gathers at the venue, generally the home of one of the Company, to share and enjoy the feast.

3 thoughts on “About The Company of Friendly Cooks

  1. I try not to pour too many things over my recipe books, so that I am able to pore over them when I need to. This is not always a success as the multiple stains on my favourite pages will attest. The cornbread recipe in Joy of Cooking, for instance. You don’t want to see that one!


  2. For Paul and Dorcas. It is good to see you are still enjoying the good things of life. If I have a symbol in my life for hospitality it would be you. 🙂 Malcolm from Penzance, Cornwall.


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