A Literary Dinner

Saturday 30 April 2011

New kitchen facility at Union Hall




Of some sort, possibly Babette’s French onion soup (Kristafa)

Salmon Rushdie (Paul C)
Coq Ke Vin (Andrew)
Richard’s flan — again (Irene)
Alice in Wonderland mushrooms — I thought Lewis Carroll; Paul thought Jefferson Airplane (Julie)
Something in the carnivore line (Paul Y)
Darling Buds of May brussels sprouts (Andrew)
Literary salad (Dorcas)

La Dolce Vita cranberry and ricotta tart (Kristafine)
Apple dessert using Mrs Peasegoods Nonesuch apples (Kristafine)
Victoria sponge (I have forgotten who is doing this but you know who you are)

Those of you who attended the last Royal Wedding Dinner at Washington Street will recall that honours were worn. The same tradition will apply on Saturday.



Try as I might I can’t think of any food based jokes. However I would love to ketchup, so hope to see you all on the 25th.

Yours lamely



Oh, these backward mullahs!

Salmon Roesti is a traditional Swiss dish that has nothing at all to do with literature or religion:

  • Shred raw potato and set to drain in a colander
  • Heat clarified butter in a saute pan and fry potato until crisp and brown
  • Flip and cook the other side
  • Grill salmon fillets and serve on top of the potato cake
  • Garnish with sauce Hollandaise and chopped chives

Also try these popular dishes:

  • Anthony Burgers
  • Roald Dahl & Rice
  • Boris Pasta Nack
  • Louis de Bernaise

Perhaps the beginning of a menu?



I have just been consulting potential insultees about this extraordinary attack on the integrity of the one true faith. And I am amazed that this professed heathen should introduce mere cuisinery into this vital theological debate. But what can you expect from someone who is going through the trauma of worrying where is my bathroom? Let alone where is my kitchen? So we will forgive the lapse and expect better next time. Hope springs eternal in the savage breast…



Sorry that Di and Sam won’t be able to join us.

But I think we should develop the recipe for ‘Salmon Rushdie’ in Di’s honour!

Wrap your salmon tightly in a fattwah and roast in the fires of hell, perhaps?

(Sorry Di – couldn’t help myself!)



Congratulations to Julie and Paul on completion for your new kitchen!!  The best things always take a bit longer…or so they say.  Sam and I will unfortunately be an apology for the “christening” dinner as we will be heading down to Dover for this year’s annual walking week.  It is a bit late this year because of the coincidence of new grandchild, a wedding, the overland track and what-all as Salmon Rushdie would say! (Julie: are you rereading Midnight’s children for bookclub next week??)  However, we will most certainly drop by for an inspection before this auspicious occasion and diary the planning meeting too.

All hail the rain god: it is time he moved his attentions elsewhere!