Jacobs Ladder from above

Weekend at Ben Lomond

Friday 26 Feb and Saturday 27 February, 2010

Ben Lomond Schloss

Attending: Di and Sam plus four of their walking friends*, Irene and Kevin, Kristafine, John, James plus several other plant people, Julie and Paul. We live in hope that Kristafa and Andrew will be able to amend their schedules to join us. We will be a group of around 18 people.

— Meet at Evandale at 12 noon Friday for lunch and last-minute food purchases. The evidently means leaving Hobart at 9.30 or 10am.

— Everyone will bring their own food needs for breakfast and lunch each day. Lunch needs to be portable if we are to go walking.


— Dinner Friday night is a roast or several. On the menu:

Roast potatoes, carrot, parsnip (Di)

Roast pumpkin, sweet potato (Julie)

Leg of lamb (Di’s party)

Chicken 1 (James’ party)

Chicken 2 (John)

Green veg (James, Julie)

Dessert 1(Di’s party)

Dessert 2 (Kristafine)

Brownies (Irene)


— Dinner Saturday night is a collection of curries. On the menu:

Sambals (everybody, more or less)

Dahl (Julie)

Vegetarian curry 1 (John)

Vegetarian curry 2 (Irene)

Lamb curry (Julie)

Vegetarian something (Di)

Rice (James’ party)

Fresh fruit (everybody)

Sorry, my notes get pretty vague at this point, I think we were all talking at once. Please fill in the gaps!


— There is also some level of need for nibbles before both dinners.


— Bear in mind that the kitchens are well equipped with everything except refrigeration. There is a cool room though. DI usually brings frozen milk and bread which thaw at a rate corresponding to their consumption.

— Drinks are BYO,

— Bedding: there are lots of bedrooms and beds and pillows. We need to bring our own bed linen or sleeping bags.

— Showering: there may or may not be hot water, so bring plenty of deodorant.

— MIscellaneous items to bring: torch, garbage bags

— Cost is $30 per person per night.

Look forward to seeing you all. Sam, please arrange fine weather as Paul wants to photograph star trails away from the city lights.

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