Portals of Paradise Chinese Banquet

Saturday 19 September, 2009

Palace of Celestial Antiquity (aka Cafe Cullen)



Now, Lads

This is not to suggest that we’ve a better offer – only an alternative.  As it’s a subject dear to Paul’s heart, and well overdue that we host one of these convivial dinners, could we propose that the Fete Chinoise be held at the Palace of Celestial Tranquility up here in Cato Avenue?  Gongs, incense and robes, of course.  Sampans at midnight, that sort of thing.  Honorable Chairman and Dear Leader, allow us to present a few trifling dishes from the Chinese repertoire to amuse your bouche.

All invited.  Planning, what planning?  The challenge might be to find and prepare a cold dish in Chinese style for the first course, or a dessert.  Let us do the rest.  It really is up our alley, or kampong, or whatever you call those things.

What say ye all?

Paul & Dorcas


Wouldn’t miss it! Funny, when I lived in Cato Ave in the 1980s, I could have sworn the opium den was further down the hill, but that’s what happens with memory, isn’t it? Just in case anyone has any room left after the banquert, I thought I’d bring with me a simple little dessert refresher in the form of watermelon in ginger wine. Does that suit the planning?




Brings back memories of the golden triangle and a village chief carrying an AK47. None of those in Cato Street, I hope. Opium-smoked guinea pig?