Bastille Day Moroccan Dinner

Saturday July 14th, 2007

Kasa Kristafa

This is as best as we can write the menu for Morocco celebrates Bastille Day and the films and books of the French Foreign Legion. We have, of course, the DVD of Casablanca (uncolourized), does any one have Beau Geste. Would Gunga Din do?


ANDREW – Tagine preserved lemons – protein to be decided

CHRIS T – Something with rabbit (he promises not to add any green slime) or a tagine with another animal

JULIE – Chicken tagine

JOHN – To be decided (fish?)

IRENE – Seven-vegetable couscous with dried fruits and ras el hanout

KEVIN – Lentil salad with parsley, lemon and coriander

CHRISTINE W – a dessert of either French or North African heritage

DI – Moroccan salad


Please feel free to amend and augment and add and subtract. Does this seem like enough food?