Festive Indulgence

Saturday 27 December 2006

VENUE: Union Hall

Attending: Julie, Andrew, John, Chris T, Chris w, Di and Sam, Kevin and Irene


Here is my suggestion for dinner at Union Street on 27 December: everyone bring leftovers from their Christmas dinner. Knowing all of you as I do, I expect that will be enough to feed an army. I won’t have leftovers in the fridge (having not been here to cook Christmas dinner) but I will have a fridge full of raw materials to fill any gaps which may appear when the dinner is assembled.

I suggest we get together at 5.30, which will allow time for a little perambulation through the garden. I don’t propose that we eat outside, mainly because I have no outdoor furniture and it could all get a bit too hard (literally).

Do not bring Christmas cake, as I have a perfect one here, courtesy of Chris Wilmot, complete with reclining Santa, just begging to be put into circulation.

Andrew, could you please pass this on to James, and to Chris, as I don’t appear to have his home email address.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.