Italian St Patrick’s Day Dinner

Saturday 19 March 2005

Union Hall

Attending: Julie , Pat , Susan, Irene & Kevin, John, Christine, Chris, Andrew, Di, Kim Eijdenberg (briefly)

 The meal was taken in several sittings!


Vellutata di zucchini – Chris T

(cream of zucchini soup)

Pane de olive e rosmarino — Di
(bread stuffed with olives and rosemary, apart from a bit in the middle for Kevin and Julie that only contains rosemary)

Gnocchi — Kevin
(this dish will be green to honour St Patrick)

Fruiliani — Pat
(it has peas in it, can’t tell you any more)

Pasta — Susan
(cooked in vino rosso with uncased italian sossages added: robust, hearty, with just a hint of baby’s vomit on the tongue)

Melanzane alla liguria – Chris
(stuffed aubergine)

Ravioli — Christine
(with walnuts)

Zucchini de rosmarino e aioli — John
(grilled zucchini with rosemary and garlic)
Polenta — Christine
(polenta with spinach, tomato and gorgonzola)

Osso Bucco with Risotto Milanese and Gremolata — Andrew
(we will all be happy with whatever he decides to do)

Garlic, thyme and anchovy baked potatoes –Julie

Insalata di Arancia con finocchi — Irene
(orange and fennel salad)

Pere, parmigiano e sedano — Irene
(pears, parmesan and celery)

Tomato, Basil & Boccancini – Irene

Zuccotto – Di

A special dessert from Florence. The shape of the dessert resembles the roof of the Duomo.

Espresso – Pat