Tomato Challenge Spectacular

Monday 14 February 2005

Held at Bayfield Downs, the home of ‘Gentleman Farmer’ John


Menu themes included:

— TOMATO SPECTACULAR: John Sexton has a superabundance

— WATERSPORTS: it is Regatta Day after all

–Wooden Boat Festival (Christine’s suggestion of Hard Tack with sardines and garlic was not taken up).

— ST VALENTINE’S DAY (Including the Massacre):

— DECIMAL CURRENCY DAY: those lovely coins with cute furry animals on them were launched 39 years ago exactly, as we were reminded at our quiz night last night.

— HOBART CUP DAY – Horsemeat, anyone?

The evening rounded of with a viewing of the Regatta Day fireworks (or at least the loftier ones!) from the balcony of Mr Sexton’s Summer Residence.



Caribbean punch – Julie

Devils on horseback – Andrew

Gazpacho – Irene

Chicken Veronique – Julie

Pommes Anna – Andrew

Ratatouille – John

‘Heart’ Salad (definitely vegetarian) – Kevin

Super special secret Valentines Day dessert — Irene