The Lords and Ladies assembled

Royal Wedding Celebration Feast – Danish Challenge

Saturday 15 May 2004

Venue: Washington Square

In Attendance:

  • Dame Irene DCS, DQCBMJG, DCM, FAQ (eftpos)
  • Sir Kevin KRVCZFR, CS, CD, DVD (myob)
  • Sir John KMDCM, DMM, FYI, RDO, RC (lapsed)
  • Dame Julie KGKH, KSSBQCBSFTNISGA, ATO, BAS, IBM (qwerty)
  • Sir Andrew KEMCP, CCM, DIY, DNA, VHS, LP (scratched)
  • John and Christine
  • Absent Friends were recalled.



ENTREE Salmon steaks (Krissy)

SOUP Yellow pea soup (Julie)


  • Roast pork with apples and prunes (John Sexton; Julie to supply recipe)
  • Danish meatballs (Andrew; Krissy to supply recipe)
  • Sugar browned potatoes (Kevin)
  • Leeks in butter (Julie; Krissy to supply recipe)
  • Mrs Jensen’s mushrooms (Andrew; Krissy to supply recipe)
  • Red cabbage (Irene)
  • Pickled cucumber salad (Irene)

DESSERT Danish pastries (John Ancher)


  • Fino sherry (Julie)
  • Carlsberg beer (Kevin)
  • Wine (everybody else)
Royal Danish baskets

Royal Danish baskets

Insignia and Honours to be Worn at Times of Significance and Self-Importance

It is hereby declared that at the forthcoming and aforementioned celebration of the marriage of Our Lady of Taroona to some Danish chap, full insignia and honours will be worn by all those such as are entitled to ‘em.

In the event of any, or all, of the party being of generally dishonourable demeanour and not having had the foresight to obtain previously any appropriate insignia, there will be held in advance an investiture of the following honours upon those concerned (whether they be feeling at all concerned or not).

The ceremony shall be preceded in good time and spiritous liquor by a working bee to appropriately fashion and festoon the insignia for this great occasion (sequins and hot glue gun provided). The working bee may also serve for the fashioning of headgear suitable to the occasion.


Dame Irene DCS, DQCBMJG, DCM, FAQ (eftpos)

Dame Commander of the Order of the Saucepan (DCS)

Dame Quite Cross of the Order of Saint Bernard of Montjoux and Saint John of God (Patron Saints of Skiers and Booksellers – believe it or not!) (I chose Skiers because there doesn’t appear to be a Patron Saint of Bushwalkers – maybe we should petition for the beatification of Saint Olegas?)


Sir Kevin KRVCZFR, CS, CD, DVD (myob)

Companion of the Order of Saucepan (CS)

Knight Really Very Cross of the Order of Saint Zita and Saint Frances of Rome
(Patron Saints of Lost Keys and Motorists – I’m not making this up!)


Sir John KMDCM, DMM, FYI, RDO, RC (lapsed)

Distinguished Misconduct Medal (DMM)

Knight Most Displeased of the Order of Saint Columba and Saint Matthew
(Patron Saints of Poets & Accountants)



Lady of the Garter, Knickers and Hose (KGKH)

Dame She-Should-Be-Quite-Cross-But-She’s-Far-Too-Nice of the Order of Saint Isidore of Seville and Gabriel the Archangel

(Patron Saints of Computer Users & Communication Workers – you heard it here first!)


Sir Andrew  KEMCP, CCM, DIY, DNA, VHS, LP (scratched)

Knight Errant of the Order of Saint Martha and Saint Casmir of Poland

(Patron Saints of Cooks and Bachelors – and I don’t think they mean Martha Stewart)

Conspicuous Consumption Medal (CCM)


Other Medals may be bestowed as the availability, need and mood may dictate:

Distinguished Flying Duck (DFD)

Queen’s Commendation for Culinary Conduct (This one doesn’t entitle the bearer to any postnominals.)