Saint Patrick’s Day – Irish Culinary Challenge!

Saturday 3 April 2004

Poets Corner

In Attendance Irene & Kevin, Andrew, John, Julie, Di, Sam, ???



Smoked trout paté (or something else fishy)     —— Andrew

Ida’s bread recipe      —— Irene (but not Ida)

Oysters Kilpatrick      —— Di

Soup (variety unknown but will contain potato)     —— Irene

Irish stew (will contain potato)    —— John

Cabbage      —— Andrew

Colcannon (guaranteed not to contain eggs that look like eggs but will contain potato)     —— Julie

Green vegetable (surprise us!)   —— Irene

Carrot and apple salad (looking at the recipe, I think I may make the variation that substitutes celery for apple)     —— Julie

Chocolate cake (containing potato)      —— Di

Irish mist cream  (the knockout blow)    —— John


This would have to be our first dinner containing only one meat dish!! Look forward to seeing you all on the night.



Dear all,

In anticipation of this forthcoming gustatory indulgence, I looked up ‘Irish Cuisine’ in one of my more comprehensive culinary reference texts. Here is what it said:

















I also consulted the Larousse Gastronomique, which describes Irish Stew thus:

“(It) is witness, if not of the art of living, at least of the art of staying alive in difficult times.”

This is, however, Tasmania, another island that has developed a close affinity with the potato, and in the interest of culinary adventurism I am only too happy to explore ‘Irish Cuisine’, if only for a single evening.

And while I do not doubt the powerful veracity of the antecedents of the Hawkins and the McGuires (I myself am mostly Irish on my mother’s side, descended primarily from the Quinns), it would seem to be a shame, possibly foolhardy even, to embark on such an undertaking without the active participation and even guidance of our native-born Irish friend.

Might I suggest a short postponment until John is able to join us?

Hope to see you all soon (potatoes at the ready!)



I can’t make the planning meeting this weekend, but Irene is available.  If there is no Guinness in the food, I assume it is OK to bring our own!



Hi All:

this is not good –  I cannot do dins on the 20th! I could on the Sunday 21th

– or the following Sunday. I also have a luncheon do this Sunday, so can’t do a planning meeting then…but Saturday arvo is free!!

Where is St Patrick when I need him to organise my life better? And where will I be on St Paddy’s Day? In Melbourne…Duh!



Good evening all,

This is short notice for our next dinner but Irish things seem to be everywhere at the moment, and the suggestion is that we enjoy an Irish dinner on the weekend following St Patrick’s Day.

That makes it Saturday 20 March, which also just happens to be the autumnal equinox — an auspicious sign given our attraction to astronomical events.

Is everybody available for this, and for a planning meeting this weekend, say on the afternoon of Saturday 13 or Sunday 14 March?

I am happy to have either function here — I have no recollection where we have been for the past few dinners. Sadly I don’t think I can find any four-leaf clovers in the back yard.

And for all of you people scoffing in the background at the thought of a dinner party built around an Irish menu. . .  think again! I have some good recipes in one of my books and no doubt John has thousands.

Some of these probably don’t have Guinness in them.

Look forward to hearing from you all.