Paella Challenge

Saturday 21 June 2003 

VENUE: Poets Corner

In attendance: Susan  & John ; Julie, Irene & Kevin, Andrew, John, Di & Sam



‘tropical’ soup              Susan

Tapas                all [see note below]

bread               Julie

paella:  rice                  Irene

prawns             Julie

squid               Andrew

pork                 John Sexton

chorizo            Andrew

chicken            John Donaldson

mussels            Di

meatballs         Kevin


rocket salad                 Andrew


pears poached in red wine  Di


The suggestion is that you prepare a little of what you are supplying for the paella to serve as tapas

For those who didn’t attend yesterday, be warned that a serious competition to find the daggiest cookbook has erupted. Today John produced two superb entries, the Don Dunstan Cookbook, and Paul Hamlyn’s hilarious book on entertaining, both circa 1971. If you can top these, you are doing well. Andrew is bringing something wonderful for next weekend’s dinner, and we hope to start a trend in readings (rather than singings) between courses.

NOTE: This dinner led to the infamous ‘Overabundance of Mussells’ affair, resulting in a further dinner held the following Monday evening at Irene and Kevin’s, attended by Irene, Kevin, Julie, Andrew and John, to deal with the remaining molluscs.